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Adaptable: Responsive Webdesign


I have extended my site with a responsive design. Try it by resizing your browser window from the biggest to the smallest possible size of your device or visit this site with your mobile device.

My Website as a responsive Design

Like Darwin said it is always the survival of the fittest. The ones that are most adaptable to the environment they live in. Same could be true, maybe not in that drastical sense, for websites. Times are gone that designs are build for a special environment, for a special browser, operating system or device. Nowadays there are uncountable possibilities for users to surf the Internet. Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, Notebooks – and they all vary in their hardware and software specifications. In the end the user should never be forced to visit a website with a specific device or browser in order to get the best look. He should never waste a second on thinking which device to use. It is up to the website owners to make their webappearences accessible and barrier-free.


Google Zeitgeist 2011


„Was ihr den Geist der Zeiten heißt,
Das ist im Grund der Herren eigner Geist,
In dem die Zeiten sich bespiegeln.“
(Goethe, Faust)

The German word “Zeitgeist” has been adopted to many languages all over the world. “Zeitgeist” shall describe the feelings and thoughts of the people living in a special time and age. It shall describe what bothers people and what drives people. What touches them and what makes them think.

What made 2011? Remember? Take a brief look on this year with Google Zeitgeist. This is what made people search.

For more information visit: www.googlezeitgeist.com

Das politische Spiel mit der Transparenz



Die Möglichkeit einer Brücke.

„Ohne Glasnost gibt es keine Demokratie, und es kann sie auch nicht geben.“ Michail Gorbatschow leitete mit diesen Worten einen gesellschaftlichen und politischen Wandel in der damaligen Sowjetunion ein. An deren Ende stand, wie wir heute wissen, die Wiedervereinigung Deutschlands, das Ende des Kalten Krieges und ein Demokratisierungsprozess in den Ländern der ehemaligen UdSSR. Die Glasnost-Politik Gorbatschows beschreibt dabei eigentlich nichts anderes als was in totalitären Staaten als undenkbar und in westlichen Demokratien als unumstrittener Grundpfeiler gilt: Offenheit, Meinungsfreiheit und Transparenz der Staatsführung gegenüber seinem eigenen Volk.


WordPress pagination problem


Lately I found myself faced with the problem that I wanted to add a certain pagination to the blog-post page of my homepage. The query of the page was a custom query in order to select only posts categorized as a blog post. After adding the pagination template tags to the site, the problem was that on each page the same blog posts as on my first page appeared. I searched on the Internet quiet a long time but I did not find any proper solution. In the end I found the answer deep down in the wordpress documentation. In case you are experiencing the same problem as me, try this:


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