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Guess who’s back…



Looking forward to see him around in europe one day…hopefully!

A Tribut to Past Times


This song reminds me of times, we all thought we were invincible.
And indeed…we were.

Now who’d have thought that after all,
Something as simple as rock ‘n’ roll would save us all.

And I still believe in the sound,
That has the power to raise a temple and tear it down.
And I still believe in the need,
For guitars and drums and desperate poetry.

Financing Online News: What is happening?



My studies are in their last lap. Currently I am starting with my bachelor thesis. I am going to write about financing online news with a special look on paid content strategies. In depth I will do an empirical analysis of how the product ‘news’ should be designed as a paid content offer. It will all be focused on the user and how the product could best satisfy the customers’ needs. All in all it is a major task for each product manager.


The power of CSS3



I have experimented with some new features of CSS3. ┬áThe key-frame-technique allows you to produce moving pictures without any plugin like Flash or JavaScript directly in the cascading stylesheets. To demonstrate the power and what will be possible I have tried to reproduce a flash-banner completely with CSS3. more…

‘like’ – social share with privacy


Like for privacy

Today I have implemented several social share buttons on my single-post sites. Beneath each blog-post you now find the ability to share the blog post on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Well, this is nothing special so why is this worth to tell? Read on.


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