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digital native, what else?

Hello everybody. My name is Tobias Groganz. I am studying Information Management and Corporate Communications at the University of Applied Science Neu-Ulm. For those who are curious, try out this. Born 1987, my youth was shaped by darkwing duck, a green Game Boy, Super Mario, Windows 3.1, enormous 33Mhz, a Nokia 3210 with Snake, a lot of freaky punk music and an oldschool Volkswagen T3 Bus. Since then not only I have advanced. Today I am very interested in everything with media, the thing called Internet, Google, webdesign, (net)politics, the society, literature and traveling. To find out more about my thoughts and me, go on reading my blog or just take a look around here. As it happens that I am from Germany, you’ll find some blogposts here in my native language as well.